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The 12 Habits Of Incredibly Happy Women

The 12 Habits Of Incredibly Happy Women by   CGD TEAM @natalieoffduty We’ve all heard the clichés surrounding the topic of happiness, and while some of them are completely accurate, there is a much bigger picture when it comes to being a truly happy person; particularly as women living in a time where we are finally encouraged to control our own destinies and speak up for what we believe in. There has been no better time to pave our own path to happiness, so in this article, we are going to share with you 12 known habits of happy people. 1. Make your 8 hours count We can’t stress enough how important a  good night’s sleep is!  Sleep is directly correlated to rational thinking, productivity and physical as well as mental health. Try to get between seven and nine hours each night, and if you have persistent trouble with sleeping, be sure to talk to a professional. 2. Do this one thing daily Closing your mind off from the pressure and stress of  daily challenges  whi

The 12 Habits Of Incredibly Happy Women

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